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A very popular game among gamblers from around the globe, video poker offers an exciting fast paced gambling experience with a low house edge. As with anything worthwhile in life if you want to get the most out of your game you need to learn how to play properly and how to choose the right machines to play. This article is the first step to winning - understanding how the games work.


How Video Poker Machines Work

In essence video poker is a very simple game from a math standpoint. You have a single deck of 52 playing cards (53 in some cases) and these cars are constantly being shuffled by the random number generator (RNG) located inside the machine. When you press deal the first five cards from the top of the deck are displayed on the screen. You can then select to hold or discard the cards.

Pressing deal a second time the cards you decided to discard are replaced by new cards that are taken from the same deck. The cards that you did not keep cannot be dealt a second time around. After the second deal is complete you are awarded any wins and the whole process starts again. Each hand is in no way related to the last or the next and every hand is a random selection of cards.

How Much To Bet

The majority of machines give you the option to play between one and five coins per game. You should always play five coins. Why? There is always a bonus for playing five coins per game on the royal flush. See the table below.
1 Coin
2 Coins
3 Coins
4 Coins
5 Coins
Royal Flush
Return %
As you can see the win for the royal flush betting one through four coins is 250 coins per coin bet where with five coin play it is 800 coins per coin bet. You will also notice that the theoretical return percentage is also greatly improved when betting max. If you find that playing max coins is too expensive then look for a machine with a lower coin denomination.

Video Poker Vs Slot Machines

It is not uncommon to find players who put video poker games in the same class as slot machines. While there are a few similarities such as the fact that they are both machine games they are in reality totally different games. You always know what the odds of htting a royal flush are but you will never know what the chances on lining up the jackpot symbols on a slot game are.

The other big differences are the fact that playing and winning on video poker requires some skill and the fact that the long term pay out percentages on video poker are in general far better than those on slots. Knowing this, hopefully next time you are deciding between a slot or a video poker game you will know which decision is the smarter choice.
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