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If you are looking for information about a particular variation of video poker then this is the section for you. We have started by listing the most popular machines but are always adding new games. If you have a game that you want us to analyze please contact us.

Note that by clicking the game names you will get detailed information including alternate pay tables and extended game summaries.

Jacks or Better      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/2/3/4/6/9/25/50/800 99.54% 19.5146
Summary : The game to start with if you are new to video poker and also the most common game you will find on casino floors. Jacks or Better has a relatively low variance as well as a good pay back on the full pay versions.
Aces and Eights      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/2/3/4/5/8/25/50/80/50/800 99.78% 21.7259
Summary : Aces and eights features three additional pays. These are the win for getting four of a kind of aces, eights or sevens. It's variance is quite close to that of Jacks or Better so it is a good game to cross over to.
Deuces Wild      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/2/2/3/5/9/15/25/200/800 100.76% 25.8346
Summary : As the name suggest's, on Deuces Wild all of the cards with a value of two are wild. This adds a pay for five of a kind, a wild royal flush and the all important four of a kind deuces. The full pay version can be hard to find.
Double Bonus      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/1/3/5/7/10/50/80/160/50/800 100.17% 28.2555
Summary : Almost as popular as Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker features two bonus pays both of which are four of a kinds. With five coin play four aces pays a big 800 coins and four 2's, 3's or 4's pay a nice 400 coins.
Double Double Bonus      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/1/3/4/6/9/50/80/160/160/400/50/800 100.06% 45.5885
Summary : An extension of Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus has yet more pays for four of a kind wins with kickers. Four aces with a 2, 3 or 4 as a kicker pays a big 2000 coins or half a royal flush pay.
Deuces and Joker      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/2/3/3/6/9/12/25/800/2000 99.06% 19.5146
Summary : Played with a 53 card deck, Deuces and Jokers Wild is one of the few games where there is a win that pays more than a natural royal flush. Getting five wilds (Four 2's and a Joker) pays a huge 10,000 coins at max bet.
Jokers Wild      
Full Pay (Kings or Better) Pay Back Variance
1/2/3/4/6/9/25/50/800 100.64% 26.2450
Summary : There are three main versions of this 53 card game. These are Kings or Better, Aces or Better and Two Pairs or Better - all of which relate to the lowest paying hand. The Kings or Better is the version to look for.
Tens or Better      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/2/3/4/5/6/25/50/800 99.13% 18.9828
Summary : Tens or Better is a great example of how casinos can easily catch out uninformed players. While it may seem that a Tens or Better machine will have a better payback than Jacks or Better this is almost never the case.
Bonus Deuces Wild      
Full Pay Pay Back Variance
1/1/3/4/4/9/20/40/80/25/200/400/800 99.45% 32.6628
Summary : Features an additional pay for four deuces and an ace kicker as well as increased pays for several five of a kind hands including five 3's, 4's or 5's and 5 aces. Regular full pay deuces wild is still a better pick.
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