Casino Comp and VIP Programs

As a video poker player or any casino gambler for that matter it is your duty to make sure that you get the most out of every gambling dollar you spend. This starts with choosing the right machines to play and learning to play perfectly but there is one final step that can make a bit of difference - slot clubs.

All good casinos have some sort of comp (complimentary) or VIP Program. In most cases however you will have to join BEFORE you start playing. In general to join simply find the casinos information section or ask a casino host for the details. You will then receive a card which you insert into the machine you are playing.

By using the card, all of your play is tracked by the casino. The more you play the more rewards you will receive. At quite a few casinos you will also qualify for an instant reward as soon as you join. Some of the common rewards are below.

  • Free meals
  • Free hotel rooms, room upgrades or room discounts
  • Free show tickets
  • Cash back

Different casinos will always have different rules and rewards when it comes to comps. In general the more expensive the hotel casino the more money required to be wagered to achieve comps. Having said that, as you would expect the comps in general be better at the more expensive places. It does pay to shop around a bit to find the best possible rewards for your betting level.

Cash back points can sometimes make a game that has an EV of just under 100% a positive expectation game. This can be quite a complex idea to wok out but thanks to modern technology there is an easy way.

The Frugal Video Poker software from Jean Scott and Jim Wolf lets you enter the cash back values you get at any casino and add them to the overall payback of many variations. For more details on this software visit our Video Poker Strategy Guide.

One really important point to always remember is that the comps and rewards are an added bonus for your play and not the other way around. You should never gamble specifically in order to increase your comp points. You should only ever gamble because you feel like playing. There are really no comp rewards that are worth chasing and losing more money than you planned for.

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