Why Play Video Poker?

Today's casinos are packed with different types of casino games, so what makes video poker the preferred choice for smart casino players? There are several reasons why you should choose video poker over other games. The biggest draw of video poker is the low house edge and the possibility of finding games with a payout percentage of over 100% - one of the keys to winning.

Of course not all video poker machines you will find in a casino will have 100% plus payout percentages but as a player you can find the best machines simply by looking at the pay out table - no other casino game has this feature. Let's take a look at the house advantage on some of the popular casino games compare to a full pay Jacks or Better machine (One of the most common variations).

House Advantage Comparison

  • Jacks or Better : 0.46%
  • Baccarat : 1.06% (Banker Bet) to 14.36% (Tie Bet)
  • Blackjack : 0.18% to over 1% depending on rules
  • Craps : 1.36% to 16.67% depending on bet type
  • Keno : 25% and higher depending on numbers selected
  • Let it Ride Poker : 3.51%
  • Roulette : 2.70% (Single Zero Table) to 5.26% (Double Zero Table)
  • Slots : Anywhere from 1% to 25%

As you can see a full pay Jacks or Better machine has a low house edge of just 0.46%. The only game above that beats this is blackjack - not just any blackjack game but a single deck version using Las Vegas rules. The great thing is that there are video poker games out there on casino floors right now with house advantages even lower then 0.46%. In fact some games have an advantage in favor of the player - a very rare situation when it comes to casino games.

Examples of these positive expectation games include;

  • Full Pay Deuces Wild : 100.76%
  • Full Pay Double Bonus : 100.17%
  • Full Pay Double Double Bonus : 100.06%
  • Full Pay Jokers Wild (Kings or Better) : 100.64%

While some players may put slots and video poker into the same group they are vastly different games. Every time you play a hand of video poker you know exactly what the odds are. All video poker machines use the same technology and rules so it is always a simple game of odds and probabilities. With slots however you cannot tell the payout by looking at the pay table as the odds of winning do not relate to the amount of the wins.

Also unlike slot machines where you simply press spin and hope for the best, video poker requires strategy and skill to get the most out of the game. This adds an extra level of playing enjoyment as the more you play the better you will get. You can also practice before you get to the casino on your home computer to give your a head start on perfecting your strategy.

Overall, video poker is a great game to play for a large number of reasons. If you are slots player then we highly recommend making the switch as you will find you money goes further playing video poker. Even if you're a table game fan video poker can be a great alternative game to compliment your current game.

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