Video Poker Information is your online guide to the game of casino video poker. Our goal is to give you all of the information that you need to get the most out of your playing time and money. Find information about the math of the game as well as real world examples of how the games work and a detailed guide to finding the best possible pay tables.

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Inside the Game

Why Play Video Poker?

Find out why choosing video poker over other games is a great idea.

Game Basics

We show you how the machine work as well as why your should bet max.


Discover the meanings of all of the common video poker related terms.

Poker Hand Rankings

Learning which cards make up the various hands is an important step.

Video Poker Hand Odds

Find out what the odds of each hand are on the deal and the draw.

Game Variance

Learn how game variance works and how it can effect your playing time.

Playing Guides

How to Play Video Poker

A step by step guide to playing any type of video poker machine.

Machine Selection

Choosing which machines to play can have a big effect on your winnings.

Bankroll Information

We discuss starting bankrolls as well as money management strategy.

Single Vs Multiplay

We compare the differences of playing one or one hundred hands per game.

Strategy Guide

Playing with perfect strategy increases your chance of winning long term.

Playing Tips

A quick selection of the best easy to remember playing tips.

Video Poker Games

Compare the individual game variations with our detailed game guides. Each game review features the full pay pay table as well as other pay tables that you will find in casinos around the world and online. Compare the pay back percentages and learn which games offer pay backs of over 100%.

Jacks or Better

Full Pay


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Deuces Wild

Full Pay


Pay Back


Double Double Bonus

Full Pay


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Quick Playing Tip

In general you should always play max coins per hand. The reason for this is that there is almost always a bonus for betting max when it comes to the royal flush. All of the full pay payout percentages are based on playing max coins - play less and you will automatically give the casino a better edge. If you find five coins is above your budget look for a game with a lower coin size.