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Much like the myths that abound about slot machines, video poker is also the cause of many myths and misconceptions. In this article we uncover some of the most common myths and show you why they are false. Below is a list of some of the myths and fallacies that we discuss.

  • A royal MUST hit within the average 40,400 hands
  • You will always win if you find a machine with a 100%+ payback
  • Another player got my royal flush!
  • Each possible hand combination is programmed into the machine
  • Playing with a slot card changes the odds of winning
  • Video poker machines have hot and cold cycles
  • The odds of winning are better on multi-hand machines
A Royal Flush MUST Hit Every 40,400 Hands
False. While the average number of hands between royal flush wins might be 40,400 there is nothing in the machines that make this happen. Every hand is random and therefore you could get a royal flush two hands in a row or not get one for 100,000 hands or more.

100%+ Payback Guarantees You Will Always Win
False. While playing games with a pay back of over 100% is always the preferred choice it in no way guarantees that you will win in every session you play. Variance plays a major part and the overall payout is attained over many thousands of hands. In the short term you will get very different results.

Another Player Got My Royal Flush!
False. If you have ever walked away from a video poker machine after a long session of play only to see another player sit down and hit a royal flush in only a few hands you may have thought that if you had just played a bit longer you would have won. This is not the case as the cards are being shuffled on a continuous basis and you would have had to press deal and draw at EXACTLY the same millisecond as the other player whish is unlikely.

Each Hand is Programmed into The Machine
False. The individual hands are not programmed into the machine. For example when you press deal the machine does not decide to give you three or a kind or a full house. All that happens is that you are dealt five cards from a 52 or 53 card deck. The draw is then made from the remaining cards. Any winning hands that you end up with are totally random.

Playing With a Slot Card Changes The Odds of Winning
False. Inserting a slot club card simply tracks your play in order to receive comps. It in no way effects the game you are playing in terms of the random outcomes of every hand. It does however reward you for all of your play so it is always a good idea to join the casino slot club or VIP program before you play.

Video Poker Machines Have Hot and Cold Cycles
False. While it may seem that they do have hot and cold cycles this is all in the mind of the player. Each and every hand has exactly the same chance of winning and each and every hand is in no way effected by the previous hands or the next hands. Players have emotions while a video poker machine is just a machine that deals cards in a totally random manner.

The Odds of Winning are Better on Multi-Hand Machines
False. The odds do not change if you play one or one hundred hands at a time. Each hand on a multi-play game is dealt from a seperate deck of cards. You will hit royal flushes more often simply because you will play more hands per hour. You will also find that the pay tables on multi-hand games are often worse than the ones you will find on single play machines.
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