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Learning to play using the correct strategy is the only way you will have a chance of getting the correct payback. In this section we discuss how to use strategy cards and give you details about software that not only gives you strategy charts but lets you practice on your computer at home.


Why Strategy is Important

The pay back calculations on all of the pay tables listed on this site are based on the fact that every hand will be played with the correct strategy to achieve the highest possible return. Holding the right cards on every hand is the only way to do this and while this might seem obvious many players still do not follow any strategy when they play video poker.

One things is certain however and that is the fact that all players will make mistakes - even the proffessional players. The key is to learn from the mistakes you make preferably while not losing any money. The recommended software section below takes care of both of these aspects.

Strategy Card Example

Below is an example of a strategy card for Jacks or Better. To use it you simply look at the five cards you have been dealt and go down the list of hands until you find the first one that matches. You then hold the matching cards and discard the rest. As you can see even the Jacks or Better strategy is quite complex.
1. Pat Royal Flush
2. Pat Straight Flush
3. Pat Four of a Kind
4. 4 to a Royal Flush
5. Pat Full House
6. Pat Flush
7. Three of a Kind
8. Pat Straight
9. 4 to a Strt Flush, Open, 2345-9TJQ
10. Two Pair
11. 4 to a Strt Flush, Inside
12. High Pair (Jacks or Higher)
13. 3 to a Royal Flush
14. 4 to a Flush
15. TJQK (Unsuited)
16. Low Pair (2's through 10's)
17. 9TJQ (Unsuited)
18. 89TJ (Unsuited)
19. QJ9 (Suited)
20. JT9 (Suited)
21. 4 to a Straight, Open, 2345-789T
22. QJ8 (Suited)
23. 3 to a Strt Flush, Open, 345-89T
24. KQ9, KJ9 (Suited)
25. QT9, JT8, J98 (Suited)
26. QJ (Suited)
27. AKQJ (Unsuited)
28. KQ, KJ (Suited)
29. AK, AQ, AJ (Suited)
30. 4 to a Straight, Inside, 3 Hi Cards
31. 3 to a Strt Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 Hi
32. 3 to a Strt Flush, 1 Gap, 0 Hi, +234
33. KQJ (Unsuited)
34. QJ (Unsuited)
35. JT (Suited)
36. KQ, KJ (Unsuited)
37. QT (Suited)
38. AK, AQ, AJ (Unsuited)
39. KT (Suited)
40. Jack
41. Queen
42. King
43. Ace
44. 3 to a Strt Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 Hi

Recommended Software


There are several great software tools that all video poker players should try. If you are planning on becoming an expert then all of them are recommended.

  • Win Poker 6.0 - $29.95 (FREE Trial available)
    One of the most popular video poker training programs. Win Poker features 23 game variations with the option to define your own games. Five teaching modes and full play analysis make it a great learning tool.

  • Frugal Video Poker Software (RRP $39.99)
    Developed by Jean Scott and Jim Wolf Frugal Video Poker may be the most comprehensive video poker tool there is. 54 games are pre-loaded into the software and the option to customize the games plus the ability to generate strategy cards for any game makes it a must have.

  • VP Strategy Master (RRP $29.95)
    If you are just looking for strategy cards then VP Strategy Master is the software for you. It has all of the major games covered and outputs either basic or expert strategy cards. Note : No actual gameplay featured

Online Practice


If you don't want to buy software there are a few websites where you can practice playing online for free. Below are our favorite sites.

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